“We can’t have another day like yesterday….” -Mike Stuart

Last July Mike and I went on a camping trip to Oregon with our good friends Sue and Randy; we had such a wonderful time that we decided to venture north again. Yesterday morning we left the smoke and heat of Redding and turned our truck (5th wheel attached) toward the mountains. Unfortunately the fire that enveloped Redding in smoke is in Oregon, so the drive to Canyonville was dulled and grey, making the trees lifeless and the air thick. Luckily, about 5 miles from of our destination a north wind blew most of the smoke south and we pulled into the lovely Seven Feathers RV Resort. Here’s a tip for those of you who have succumbed to the comforts of RV travel: any campground associated with a casino will have great amenities. Our site was a level pull-through (very important) with water, electric and cable hook-up. Included also was free Wi-Fi, access to a pool, shower rooms, park, and (wait for it) shuttle to the casino.

Sidebar: Back in my youthful camping days, I stayed in state and national parks, slept in a sleeping bag in a tent, cooked over a campfire, and washed in showers that cost a quarter for 3 minutes. I was contemptuous of “those people” who dragged all their luxuries with them in their trailers–people whose generators roared all night and whose slow moving rigs clotted traffic on winding mountain roads. Of course, life’s little ironies catch up with you and now I’m one of those people. Getting me to embrace RV travel has been a tough sell. Three years ago, my husband bought our Keystone Cougar (complete with a huge painted cougar that would look better on the floor of a gymnasium). It was the proverbial good deal. I said that it was very nice and I looked forward to using it when I retired. At that point, when I was working 50+ hours a week, the trailer just looked like an opportunity to do housework on wheels.

Our trip to Oregon last year was the second time I had stayed in the RV. We’ve used it since on the coast, including a hair-raising drive on Highway 20. That road is so curvy that we actually lost sight of the trailer on some curves. But I digress…

Yesterday we set up and then relaxed with Sue and Randy on the little lawn between our RVs when I heard water running, a lot of water. Keep in mind that we haven’t used our trailer much and that I know nothing about the hoses, that being Mike’s territory. Not being an expert I wondered aloud why water was gushing from the bottom of the trailer; this inspired Mike and Randy to investigate. I just asked Mike to explain what happened to me so I could include it in this post. He said there’s no way to sugarcoat it: he hooked a hose to the wrong tank and overfilled a holding tank. Hence the flood. No big deal or damage as it turned out, but a few exciting moments and some embarrassment. After the tank debacle, we went to the casino, had a drink and lost (collectively) $55. Sue won a dollar.

After dinner we decided to watch the remastered version of “A Quiet Man” in our trailer and use the DVD player for the first time. For the first time… As it turns out, our trailer has a speaker system that includes outside speakers, so about 11:00 a guy who said he was our neighbor from way down the road, knocked on the door to tell us he could hear the movie and could we turn it down. Major embarrassment over this violation of RV park etiquette. We turned off the outside speakers and watched the last few minutes of the film. I had forgotten what a marginal actor John Wayne was. I know that’s heresy but he played every role the same. Maureen O’Hara was good though.

This morning before we left, Mike announced that today would have to be better. So far, so good.