June 16, 2013Imagereturned about 10:00 from a lovely and delicious Italian dinner–finally a glass of wine (Barbera) that didn’t taste like it was watered down. Last night we woke around 4:30 and weren’t able to get back to sleep until after 6:00. Naturally we overslept until almost 10:30 and so got a late start. Once we got going we probably walked about 3-4 miles, most of it uphill to High Street to do some shopping. We also spent some time in the park and at the National Museum of Scotland and just enjoying the city’s history and antiquity.  Tomorrow we are taking an early bus to St. Andrews; hopefully we’ll see some nice scenery on the way. We looked into a Highlands tour but it was really too far. Going to bed early because of that 5:30 wake up call. Because we’re fairly far North, it stays light until late (it’s just starting to feel like dusk now at 10:30 PM) so it’s easy to lose track of time.

I really like Edinburgh and would love to come again in August during the Fringe Festival. Apparently hundreds of venues feature art, music and theatrical entertainment. This city of 500,000 grows to 1.5 million and the party goes on day and night.

This will be a short entry as I no longer have the jet-lag based energy surges that made me write so often. Right now I’m dealing with two conundrums–a camera that won’t charge and hair that has re-learned how to frizz. I don’t understand it; my hair hasn’t done this in 30 years. Yes, it’s humid here but no one else seems to have this problem….

Well, I’ve nodded off twice while writing this, hopefully more because I’m tired than because this is a boring addition to the blog. I’ll try to upload a picture; maybe that will help.